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On Our Rotating Turret

“First appearances are certainly impressive. Cut from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, the cage is bathed in a luscious red livery, nicely offset with the silvered nameplate and dark sextet of eyepiece turrets.”

“The turret turns very smoothly indeed; there is no resistance that might impart a motion of misalignment to the telescope itself. When it arrives at an eyepiece position, you can feel the gentlest of engagements as the mechanism reaches its next position.”

“Optically, I was completely unconscious of using anything other than a high-quality star diagonal, save for the multifaceted arsenal at my immediate disposal – with just a turn of the turret. This is a nicely engineered facility that will save time and effort that can instead be poured into the act of observation, which is what it is all about.”

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Alpha Lyrae

On Our Rotating Turret

“The first impressions of the 6061 Turret do not disappoint[…]The engineering quality is also found below the surface where rare-earth magnets are used to hold the turret in place and a large Teflon bearing ensures smooth rotation of the turret as well unit longevity.  At the centre of the turret is a BK7 1/10th wave elliptical mirror.”

“When the time came to cease using the turret, I actually felt my heart sink the first time I went to switch eyepieces. […] This was the moment when I realised that not only did the turret really compliment my style of observing, but I actually missed it as well”

On Our Cerberus Case

“The team seem rather proud of these cases and just how robust they are as Nick (who stands over 6 feet tall) demonstrated to me at Astrofest by standing on the case and then jumping up and down on it.  […] the Cerberus Case would be an excellent choice for an eyepiece case or as a travel case for a small 6-8cm aperture scope and accessories for trips to dark distant lands as those dimensions comply with the most restrictive of hand baggage allowances.”

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