Alpha Lyrae Turret review

The first review of our turret has gone out into the world courtesy of Matthew and Alpha Lyare. Click the hyperlink or the link at the bottom of the page for a wonderfully in-depth review covering many aspects of the turret, its use and overall impression along with some nice pictures of the turret. Below are a few highlights but there are many more in the review, too many to post without just copying the whole thing!

In other news our Facebook page has been updated and we will keep filling it with more photos, videos, news and events so keep an eye on there.

“The first impressions of the 6061 Turret do not disappoint, appearing to be a very serious piece of engineering and wonderfully finished with red anodising which provides additional resistance corrosion and wear, an important consideration for the rather damp UK. […] The engineering quality is also found below the surface where rare-earth magnets are used to hold the turret in place and a large Teflon bearing ensures smooth rotation of the turret as well unit longevity.  At the centre of the turret is a BK7 1/10th wave elliptical mirror.”

“The current batch of the 6061 Turrets are shipped in a nPAE Cerberus hard case.  The team seem rather proud of these cases and just how robust they are as Nick (who stands over 6 feet tall) demonstrated to me at Astrofest by standing on the case and then jumping up and down on it.  […] the Cerberus Case would be an excellent choice for an eyepiece case or as a travel case for a small 6-8cm aperture scope and accessories for trips to dark distant lands as those dimensions comply with the most restrictive of hand baggage allowances.”

“Normally, the time taken to switch eyepieces means that the window of tranquillity passes an observer by, but being able to alter the power in mere seconds means you are always ready to benefit. […] because of it, I have had some of the best planetary views ever from the UK.”

“When the time came to cease using the turret, I actually felt my heart sink the first time I went to switch eyepieces. Perhaps it had made me a little lazy, but the first thought that passed through my mind was do I really need to swap? It actually stopped me in my tracks. This was the moment when I realised that not only did the turret really compliment my style of observing, but I actually missed it as well”

“After some initial trepidation about hanging expensive eyepieces upside down and some scepticism about the accuracy of the rotation mechanism, which all my testing demonstrated were unfounded concerns thanks to some thoughtful design and good engineering, I found it really complimented my observing style, was a pleasure to use, and offered additional benefits with my long and heavy scopes”

“I am hopeful to move from my central London home to a more rural location […] When I do, I expect I will add the nPAE medium turret to my permanent observing set up.”

A big thank you to Matthew for taking his time to provide such a detailed review and some very useful feedback for the future.