Astronomy Now Turret Review


We have got our second review, this time in Astronomy Now. We are also on the cover! Comes to broadly the same conclusions as the much longer on-line review from Alpha Lyrae

Cover for the August issue, featuring our turret

Pick up a copy and turn to page 108 to see all they have to say and to see some lovely pictures. Here are a few highlights:

“First appearances are certainly impressive. Cut from a single block of aircraft grade aluminium, the cage is bathed in a luscious red livery, nicely offset with the silvered nameplate and dark sextet of eyepiece turrets.”

“The turret nosepiece evidences a brilliant idea – a dedicated slot for 2” filters, whereby a single filter placement can serve all the components attached to the turret. It’s a completely mix-and-match facility. The turret’s six portals offer three 2” and three 1.25” fittings, with plenty of intervening space enabling the attachment of eyepieces of all shapes and sizes, and even a camera or two.”

“Despite the cavernous space within the turret, I could see no evidence of offaxis daylight bleeding into the image. The entire field itself was clean and focused, indicating a finely honed right-angled mirror.”

“The turret turns very smoothly indeed; there is no resistance that might impart a motion of misalignment to the telescope itself. When it arrives at an eyepiece position, you can feel the gentlest of engagements as the mechanism reaches its next position.”

“The turret’s 180° silky turn had imparted nothing but a new magnification. Lovely.”

“Optically, I was completely unconscious of using anything other than a high-quality star diagonal, save for the multifaceted arsenal at my immediate disposal – with just a turn of the turret. This is a nicely engineered facility that will save time and effort that can instead be poured into the act of observation, which is what it is all about.”

Head over to the turrets page to get a better look at why they liked it or check out our first review from Alpha Layre to see what they thought