Diagonal with a filter slot built in & Upcoming event (NAM 2017)

Hello. Its always been our plan to build a range of accessories to bring new life into the astronomy accessory field. One thing on our list was a diagonal with a filter changer built right into it. After getting some feedback from the community about the turret and its features we decided to push the diagonal Read more about Diagonal with a filter slot built in & Upcoming event (NAM 2017)[…]

Features Video, New Photos and Standalone Filter Changer

Hello again. We have been hard at work making some new media to showcase the turret and its features. To that end we have taken some new photos and made a video showcasing a few of the features. We will follow up soon with another video showing how to set up the turret. In the meantime Read more about Features Video, New Photos and Standalone Filter Changer[…]

nPAE at Astrofest

Astrofest 2017 – Kensington Town Hall

Hello! We had a great time at Astrofest over the weekend. Got to talk to many people about our company and products as well as look at all the amazing things other people are doing. We were kept busy both days so weren’t able to go to any of the talks but we will keep Read more about Astrofest 2017 – Kensington Town Hall[…]

Upcoming Event in London – European Astrofest

Hello! Its been a while since we last posted but things have been moving forward. We are exhibiting at another event, this time the European astrofest being held in London on the 10th-11th of February. If you are interested in getting a hands on with the turret, cases or torches come see us. http://europeanastrofest.com/exhibition/

International Astronomy Show 2016

Its been a while since our last post as we have been working hard on getting the turret ready. We are heading to the International Astronomy Show (www.ukastroshow.com) This weekend (14th-15th October) so if you want to come ask us some questions about the turret or look at the prototype come check us out at Read more about International Astronomy Show 2016[…]

National Astronomy Meeting 2016

We have a table at NAM 2016 where we have our first production prototype. If you happen to be in Nottingham come check us out, we are here all week and I will be posting updates on this post as the week goes on. Monday – Moments after making the post the fire alarm has gone Read more about National Astronomy Meeting 2016[…]

Our Own Eyepiece holders

To provide us greater control over the whole design we are working on making our own eyepiece locks. Named Maia locks after the daughter of Atlas, they are based on a novel design. Work is still moving forward on the small turret. We are going to be at a few shows in the coming months Read more about Our Own Eyepiece holders[…]

Small Turret Progress

The design on the small turret is progressing. This version is intended to be injection moulded from impact ABS so the design has had to be changed from the medium version a little to accommodate this production method. As such it has a rounded finish. It still uses the 1/10th wave mirrors, Baader Click-locks and Read more about Small Turret Progress[…]

Design progress on Medium Turret + Old Video

Medium Turret Progress For all intents and purposes the updated design for the medium turret is done! All the engineering drawings are done and we are sending them off for quotes from various manufactures. I have also uploaded a model to sketchfab so you can take a closer look at the turret. If you have Read more about Design progress on Medium Turret + Old Video[…]