New 3D printed Prototype

Got the first look at the scale of the new medium turret today as the latest print from my 3D printer came out. Its always nice to get a look at something in the real world, gives you a far better sense of how the final product will look. You can see in the top of the left print one of the 2″ Baader Click-locks.

I have also been experimenting with the CNC features on my printer and have put our logo on the back of the backplate for our aluminium prototype. I think it looks really good, maybe good enough to try and include as a standard feature on the final version!

In the run up to our first event as a vendor we have been talking about colours/finishes for the turret. Blue came up pretty quick to match the scope we will be using to demo the turret so we decided to paint one of the nuts to see how it looks. I think its a little bright to do the whole thing but it has a nice finish.


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