Interested in retailing our products?

Dear Retailer,

Things are moving ahead at nPAE Precision Astro Engineering and after receiving positive reviews in the astronomy media we are looking to move to a retailer distribution model.

You can read our first review here:

We were also featured in a review and the front cover of August 2017 Astronomy Now.

No doubt there’ll be many more to come !

We are happy to discuss your exact requirements and tailor a package to you including things like: Loan demonstration units for your showroom and star parties; on-line webinars; star party freebies; chief engineer guest speaking at open evenings; telephone and email technical support; product guarantees and point of sale marketing material.

Contact us though info@npae[dot]net or the contact form to talk about our commercial price list and the drop shipping or bulk purchase options.

Clear skies,

nPAE Precision Astro Engineering


Retailer FAQ’s

  • Is there a minimum purchase quantity or contract period ?
    Bulk purchases have a minimum quantity. Drop shipping does not. There is no contracted period.
  • As nPAE is still vending won’t this cannibalise my sales?
    No. nPAE offers sufficiently wide margins that retailers will be able to vend below nPAE website prices. Please see our worked examples in your marketing material. Most retailers have significant fan bases and will always be the preferential supplier to their fan base.
  • How will guarantees and refunds work?
    Refunds and returns would be as the retailers existing policy. In the extremely unlikely event of a customer purchasing a faulty unit, nPAE will replace the unit (on return of the faulty version) to the retailer.