6061 Eyepiece Turret


The nPAE 6061 Turret is nPAE’s mid range eyepiece turret. Set up your eyepieces, cameras, spectrometers, etc when you first start your nights viewings then all you need to do is spin the turret and you can quickly switch between them.

Cut using 5-axis CNC milling from solid blocks of aircraft grade 6061 aluminium this turret will hold 3 x 1.25″ eyepieces and 3 x 2″ eyepieces using nPAE custom built parfocal Maia locks. The internal 1/10th wave BK7 mirror diagonal ensures superior optical performance even at high magnification.

With a slot at the nose for a single 2 inch filter you can apply the filter to all your accessories and if you need to switch it out during the night you need only lift it free and replace it. The turret comes with 1 filter holder, additional holders are available here.

For our initial launch the 6061 Turret is supplied with a FREE Cerberus carry case.

Instruction Manual can be found here

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Weight 2.5 kg
1.25 Inch eyepieces


2 Inch eyepieces



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